PraanTEA helps you stand out from the crowd – freshen up your repertoire with a brand new tea conception

PraanTEA helps you stand out from the crowd – freshen up your repertoire with a brand new tea conception

Do you know who is said to invent the concept of afternoon tea time? It was Anne, Duchess of Bedford who in 1840 decided to have a cup of hot tea to blow away her melancholy. With some cookies, this wonderful drink did the trick so the Duchess made this procedure a daily habit. And what a great idea it was. With this the Duchess made history. What’s your thing which will make you stand out? We have a perfect tip for you! If you are interested keep on reading.



Choose the repertoire of the brand new tea conception of PraanTEA!

Hey! The reason why we address you is that we know that you work in tea distribution. What would you say if we offered you a new tea conception which could make you stand out? Interested? Well, PraanTEA is a perfectly new approach to tea drinking which definitely takes the experience of tea drinking to a whole new level. Would like to be a pioneer in this adventure? To understand what makes this theory unique, we explain the most important points: as you well know, tea alone has many health promoting effects. However, you might not know that these effects can be enhanced by adding different components to them. Yet, it is method of dosage which is essential.

Although it is not recommended to mix the bioactive substances directly with tea because the level of utilization in the body can suffer the consequences. It is more optimal if these superfoods are added to tea indirectly by using tea flavoring nutrition. These substances having been built into the organic matrix are absorbed more effectively, so in a nutshell we can say that we can get a cup of vitality. PraanTEA is the source of vitality. Not bad, isn’t it? Do you want to join? You can read more of the brand here.

Making quality tea through a new innovation

The manufacturing technology of our inimitable tea blends is based on the harmonization of the organoleptic and health maintaining effects of the ingredients which were produced by scientifically proven techniques. Discover the world of PraanTEA, feel the significance of high quality, special portfolio, eco-friendly packaging and aroma and additive-free natural ingredients. Spice up your repertoire with a brand new GMO and gluten free package. Want to read more? You can do it by clicking the link and let you think about an opportunity of a successful cooperation. We would definitely want to!

Let’s see the collection

The new portfolio of PraanTEA offers eight special blends, each of them reflecting the ancient wisdom saying „the path to heaven passes through a teapot”. Interested?

  • Darjeeling tea with rose-hip honey powder and dried pineapple pieces
  • Darjeeling tea with sea buckthorn berry honey powder and dried mango pieces
  • Darjeeling tea with yoghurt hone
  • y powder and dried peach pieces
  • Oolong tea with algae honey powder
  • Oolong tea with yoghurt honey powder and dried raspberry pieces
  • Sencha green tea with algae honey powder
  • Sencha green tea with yoghurt honey powder and dried strawberry pieces
  • Sencha green tea with honey powder and plum pieces

Mesmerizing right? And you haven’t tasted them yet! The exclusive and very pleasant taste offers a unique experience. Never forget that tea is one of the most popular drinks in the worlds, being second right after water. If you think of this, you can realize that we offer you a matchless business opportunity. If you’d like to get to know more about business partnership, do not hesitate to call us, our colleagues are at your disposal no matter your questions. Visit us for a cup of tea and let it make up your mind!